Damian Tran
03/29/19 3:20:56 PM
Amy Tran is an amazing educator. She is so patient, kind, and understanding. I know she will be with me every step of the way! She truly cares about her students and their success!
Rebecca Hokkanen
12/16/18 10:09:13 PM
I couldn’t have ask for a better master, Amy Tran! My experience was so well worth the trip and I had such a wonderful time learning from her techniques. What I love about her is that, no matter how hard you try, even if you didn’t get it right the 10th time, she patiently steer you one on one, until you get it right!! For those who plans on training through Phibrows, make sure to take Amy Tran class! You will be in good hands!!
Mina Tran
12/16/18 9:51:18 PM
I recently completed my training with master Amy Tran. She was an amazing teacher! She went out of her way to help us understand. She kept pushing me to practice and become better. After the course was over she reached out to made sure I'm practicing. Our teacher's assistant chi Mai was amazing too. She helped us and made sure everything was ready to go. Thank for the wonderful experience.
Diana Phuong
11/18/18 11:56:02 PM
If you can, I’d recommend you take this microblading course with Amy Tran! She is very patient while teaching and helps you one on one until you understand the method. So glad to have met her!
Sofia Tran
11/17/18 12:32:09 PM
I recently completed my training with Master Amy Tran. Learning under her has been such a great experience. She was sure to give everyone in the class one on one support and continues to do so even after we’ve completed the course. She understands the needs of each individual student and leaves you feeling very confident and motivated.
Jasmine Pham Ngo
11/12/18 9:07:56 PM
I recently finished a 3 day course with Master Amy Tran. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in microblading. She gives you one on one time to perfect your skills and make sure you leave heading on the right track. Glad I got to take this course with her!
Lucy Bui
11/10/18 9:22:25 PM
I just finished taking Master Julie Kim’s class and it was awesome! She definitely has a strong passion for microblading and it shows! The program is great and they prepare you to work on real clients. I have not passed all the levels yet but Julie gives such amazing feedback on how I can improve and I really appreciate that!
Vi Chan
09/18/18 12:01:56 PM
My sisters and I took Master Amy Tran’s microblading class in NYC. She is so helpful and patient with her students. Very communicative and will explain thoroughly. Highly recommend Master Amy!
Linda Nguyen
09/17/18 7:35:06 AM
Master Amy Tran is an excellent instructor who has been so helpful, cares about my success, and truly has walked with me through my process as a Phibrows Student. She is a person of her word who is extremely talented! I love all the tools we have available to us through this course. I came from taking two other micro blading classes that failed to teach me all that I needed to know and had horrible instruction. After being disheartened about all the money that I spent I decided to take one more class and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Phibrows! First class, the best class for a thorough education!!
Tiffany Watson
09/01/18 1:36:51 PM
I just finished my 3 day course with Master Amy Tran and loved it! Amy is an amazing instructor, she’s by your side the entire time.
Jessica Sudakow
08/31/18 4:52:34 PM
I recently just finished my attendance classes for microblading with Master Amy. She is such a great teacher, assistant Mai was great as well. I learned a lot and had a great time in class. She is patient and very thorough, I got a lot of information in the time we were given. Thank you again Master Amy and the Phibrow team.
Linh Vu
08/30/18 11:45:18 PM
I just finished my Philings training with Master Huong Wang, and she not only teaches us yha basics, she chare some tricks that will help us a lot!!! She is very patient and explain everything so clear. Love my class, thank you Master ???
Mahelia Santibañez
08/28/18 4:29:44 PM
I got my Philings training done with Master Huong Wang and I wish I could know her earlier, she opens my mind and touchs my heart, super duper friendly and very knowledgeable ! Can’t wait to attend some more classes with her ?
Thao Nguyen
08/27/18 11:09:43 PM
I had my PhiLings training with master Huong Wong and I can not say enough about what impact this had for me and my clients. So, so happy to be part of Phi Academy both as Phibrows artist and PhiLings artist. Thank you Branco and many many thanks to Master Huong Wong for teaching me such amazing procedures .
Delia Mura
08/09/18 7:49:42 PM
I love phibrows ????!!
Victoria Phan
07/26/18 9:02:54 PM
I really enjoyed the thoroughness of my materials . My instructor Johnny Nguyen really took the time to compliment our strengths and focus on the material that each student weren’t consistent with . Super excited about being able to continue my studies through the phi education app. -Rriawnna R
Clinique Belk Avenues
06/27/18 2:15:28 PM
Johnny is the best! His technique is magical. I learned so much over my 3 days and I’m so excited to keep it going. Had so much fun and am so happy I found a new passion!
Kelsey Lynn Rayburn
06/27/18 2:07:23 PM
The training course was amazing! I felt like I learned a ton of information in a short time but it was very well organized to where I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I look forward to continuing my education and growing with the Phibrows family. Props to Johnny for his teaching and wealth of knowledge!
Joshua Oliver
06/27/18 2:06:52 PM
I have just finished my microbladding class in Falls Church Virginia . After careful research I decided to take the course with Phibrows, and it was an amazing class! My master was Amy Tran and she meant serious business. She was very clear and through when explaining the theory to us and even explained it in both Vietnamese and English. When it came to teaching us the skill she walked us through every step of the way. She broke the eyebrow down to sections and made it so much easier to see and understand what we had to do for each part of the eyebrow. She never wasted anytime in class. She was very patient and she sat down with me held my had so that I know how to move it to create the perfect stroke. She was truly a perfectionist. Master Amy really went above and beyond to help her students succeed. I learned so much from her . Thank you so much Amy Tran for everything that you have taught me.
Mimi Vo
06/22/18 7:30:18 AM
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